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Marty's Road Trip Hardcover

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Ages 3+

Marty's Road Trip is the story of a stowaway caterpillar from Sister Bay, Wisconsin, who unwittingly found himself in the loving home of an Illinois couple who bought a vase of flowers at a roadside stand. Though Marty and his newfound guardians were equally surprised to encounter one another, they were immediately comfortable and settled into the routine of daily life. But while Marty's new friends were going about their business, Marty was progressing through the various stages of becoming a beautiful monarch butterfly. And because Marty's "growing up" would be occurring during a pre-planned road trip to Pittsburgh, Marty's new friends took him along. (This journey, making it his second very unlikely road trip in a very short life.) The brief life shared by this unlikely trio, including Marty's escapades (both at home and on the road) and the trepidation felt by all as the inevitability of the "goodbye" approached, is the storyline in this picture book.


  • Letter recognition
  • Storytelling
  • Reading skills
  • Independent or group play


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