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Age 8+

If you're a fan of Sudoku, you and your family will love this colorful alternative. Instead of using numbers to solve the puzzles, ColorKu uses brightly colored wooden balls.

Colorku is a logic-based number placement puzzle.

The object of the game is to fill a 9x9 grid with colored balls so that every row and column have a ball of each color with no repeats and each 3x3 grid has a a ball of each color with no repeats. The puzzles start with a partially completed grid and the players must fill in the rest.


  • Strategy
  • Problem- solving skills
  • Group play



  •  Gameboard-crafted of solid wood
  • Includes 81 balls in 9 different colors
  • 104 puzzle cards
  • Solutions booklet
  • Color conversion card
  • Storage tray