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The selection of educational and fun toys here is unparalleled. I discovered this spot shortly after it opened, and have since come to this store for all the gifts for the kids in my life. That's no small feat, considering I live in downtown Chicago. My nieces love the games I've gotten for them from here, and I know they are learning something from them. The owners curate the toys brilliantly - they strike a great balance between classic games/toys and innovation that's hard to find. Plus, they wrap your gifts beautifully on the spot! It's a wonderful and warm spot, and you can find something for all young ages.




This is a great toy store - they have a wonderful selection of unique things that you won't find elsewhere. It's clear that the owner cares about selecting quality merchandise to offer. Most toys in the store have won some type of award and the value is well above what you'd get through Amazon. For example, they offer a geology kit that contains dozens of stones inside, perfect for something for a kid to do on a rainy day. I've bought similar things at Target and Amazon where the price is higher and you don't get nearly as much.

The folks here can tell you every detail about the brands and the toys they carry, and if you're not sure how something works, or what to get, they're happy to explain everything and make recommendations. If you're looking for a child's birthday gift, a unique toy, or a new addition to family game night, this is the place to go.