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Daily Drop-In Craft Classes!!

Every day Sage Explorers will be hosting crafts! Kids are welcome to drop in to complete one of the craft options. They will be designed for a variety of ages and typically take about 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on the craft.  When you arrive, just let us know which craft you are interested in, and we will provide supplies and directions.  Also check below for our additional, specialty craft events.


Special Spring Break Crafts...


Saturday, March 30th

Thumbprint Art

Ages: 3+



Friday, March 29th

Pulled String Art

Ages: 5+


*Can get a bit messy, so dress appropriately! 


Thursday, March 28th

Calming Glitter Jars

Ages: 7+



Wednesday, March 27th

Cheerio Bird Feeders

Ages: 2+


Tuesday, March 26th

Shrinky Dinks

Ages: 3+


Monday, March 25th

Twiling Lovebugs

Ages: 6+ (younger kids would love this, but will require assistance)

Price: $7.00/craft